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Medical Weight Loss

Through nutritional counseling and routine monitoring, our medical weight loss programs can help you make lifestyle changes that will last.

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Weight Loss Programs

Weight control continues long after your diet stops. Our programs are designed to help you keep off the weight that you've already lost.

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Small Area Body Countouring

PrecisionTx laser treatments provide minimally invasive small area body contouring, lifting and restoring your face and neck to their youthful appearance.

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Body Sculpting

For healthy individuals of normal weight, laser body sculpting with the less-invasive Smartlipo can permanently remove unwanted fat.

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Weight Loss Hampton Roads residents depend on

How To Lose Weight Fast

Are you ready to get the body you deserve and have always dreamed of? If you are looking for help with weight loss, then look no further than Women First Weight Loss and Smart Lipo Center.

Our plans provide the steps for a healthy and effective lifestyle change that will benefit you beyond just losing a few pounds. Fast weight loss doesn’t have to be from fad diets where the weight can often return as soon as you stop. Our plans are specifically designed for you. With our medically supervised programs, we strategize the best options for you. It’s time to break the cycle of obesity and discover what’s hiding beneath the weight. Dropping a few pounds does much more than raise your confidence level - it can also decrease the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and more. You will be guided every step of the way to ensure success and to ensure your safety, we routinely monitor your health. Get ready for long term changes and results! With Women First weight loss programs this is something no fad diet can promise.

We know everyone is different, so each and every program is tailored to the individual’s situation. Whether you want that beach body or need to lose a few pounds for a special occasion, Women First can help you. If you are you ready to change your life with a weight loss plan, it’s time to call our office in Chesapeake. Receive the support of our team, the proper education, and the tools you need for success. The weight you’ve been wanting to lose will all but disappear.

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Get that beach body fast! It’s time to jump start your fast weight loss program with Women First through Smart Lipo, personalized nutrition counseling, and more!

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