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People getting artificial freckles

Bethany Wolosky a cosmetic tatto artist in New York, did not always offer fake tattoo freckles.
She says about 18 months ago people began asking for them. But she wasn’t really on board with doing fake freckle tattoos at that time. In fact she did not get on board until about a year ago when she decided to just go for it and do some. She thought they came out very cute on her clients and she has begun offering them ever since. Demand is high right now as fake freckles are trending.

Wolosky uses an eyebrow pencil to stencil the face in advance of where the tattoo ink will be applied. She starts on the highest points of the face such as between the eyebrows, around the eyebrows, to the right and left of the bridge of the nose. If someone was out in the sun, those are the areas on which noontime light would fall and produce freckles.

It is important to Wolosky that the freckles look natural, so she does not make them symmetrical on either side of the face. If she did, she says her clients would like like dolls that had freckle stamps. That IS a look. But it is a look for people deep into cosplay style trying to look like anime characters. The trending faux freckles look in the United States right now is natural freckles.

Wolosky thinks the trend is partly due to the popularity of celebrities who have freckles, including the popular African-American low melanin super model Amanda Akokhia.

Wolosky uses the stick and poke method of tattoo (similar to what is done with henna) rather than using a regular electric tattoo needle to do the fake freckles. The fake freckles can last up to 24 months. The stick and poke method does not deposit the ink as deeply into the skin as regular tattooing and the ink itself is meant to be biologically degradable. Wolosky warns that cosmetic tattooing is still tattooing and should be carefully considered. If not done properly it can scare the skin and be permanent.

But even permanent does not actually mean permanent. The very same machine that Women First uses for permanent cellulite removal is also able to perform tattoo removal of tattoos done the traditional way with an electric needle. If you have a tattoo of your youth that you now regret, call Women First today and book a tattoo removal consultation appointment.

Who knows how long the fake freckle trend will stay in style. But one thing Women First does not see trending any time in the next fifty years is people paying to get wrinkles put on their face rather than removed. The trend is going to be for wrinkle removal for the foreseeable future.

And the best way to permanently remove wrinkles from the face is to come to Women First for Pellevé, the treatment that uses non-invasive radio frequencies to stimulate collagen generation underneath the facial skin. It’s gaps in collagen coverage that creates the valleys under the skin into which surface skin collapses to form wrinkles. If you’re tired of your crows feet and laugh lines, call Women First today to book your Pellevé consultation appointment.

View more about the fake freckle trend in the video player below.

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