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SculpSure for that toned look

Transforming your body through toning and muscle resistance exercises can be impressively effective even if your actual weight does not change. Kelsey Wells, a trainer with a high follower count on Instagram, got a lot of positive reaction when she showed her before and after photo in which the scale had not moved but her muscle to fat ratio had moved quite a bit.

There are a number of reasons that Kelsey Wells’ results may not be typical for men or women. Wells is below the age of 30. For younger people converting fat into muscle happens more quickly and more easily. For women, the hormonal changes that wreak havoc on the body during menopause make it especially challenging to achieve the level of tone Wells achieved with exercise alone. Women who have gone through a pregnancy also go through physiological changes that make toning more difficult than it was before the pregnancy happened.

Another reason is Wells body before her body transformation through toning and muscle building did not have that much excess fat on it to start. Someone started out much heavier than Wells, then got down to Wells “before” weight through dieting, is going to have a lot more excess fat and skin to get rid of at the before weight than does Wells.

The other reason is simply genetics. Some bodies are genetically predispositioned to carry more fat in certain places than other bodies.

One can work just as hard in the gym as Wells worked and still not see the results that Wells saw due to stubborn fat still clinging to places like the behind, the thighs, the back or the abdomen. That’s where Women First can help you reach your toned body goals with Sculpsure.

Sculpsure actually kills fat cells by zapping them with lasers below the surface of the skin. The dead fat cells get washed out of the body with waste over a period of about 12 weeks. Just one 25 minute session of Sculpsure can zap dead up to 25% of the fat cells in a given area. If you’ve worked really hard with toning and resistance training exercises and you still have fat clinging to you, SculpSure is exactly the intervention you need. Call Women First today to make your SculpSure consultation appointment.

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