//101-year-old female world champion track star began running at 79

101-year-old female world champion track star began running at 79


Man Kaur, who turned 101 in 2017, didn’t start running until she was 79 and her son encouraged her to get into it. She is now a world record holder in her age group in several competitive track categories and she is training for the 2018 Malaysia Asia Pacific Masters Games which will be held in September. Kaur’s day starts at 4:00am with daily hygiene, household choirs and Sikh prayers. Then it is off the track for training. Her coach is her son, also a track enthusiast who has been running competitively at Master level for 25 years. Kaur’s son took her to the track one day as a lark and had her run the 400 meter.  He saw that she had naturally good form and she saw that she enjoyed it.  He started training her and it was not long before he signed her up for her first competitive race, which she won.

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Watch more of Man Kaur’s story below.

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