//A high fat diet can help athletic performance

A high fat diet can help athletic performance

There are two types of fuel the body burns to make energy. One is sugars the other is fats. Of course the body needs a variety of other types of nutrients to function properly, but for energy consumption, sugars and fats will do.
The thing is, pulling sugar out of food can be tricky. Carbohydrates get converted to sugar. Glucose and Fructose get converted to useable sugar.
Any calories burned converting other molecules to usable sugar are calories not being giving to the body to run, walk or do any other type of exertion.

Fats, on the other hand, are a lot less tricky. Fats are actually in the foods we eat. The body is not eating other types of molecules and then converting those molecules to usable fats. For that reason, fueling the body with fat is more efficient than fueling the body with sugar.

The body knows that. Which is why the body stores fat on itself so that when food intake drops precipitously, there will be ready supply of fats than can be easily converted to energy.

Some science suggests that by training the body to burn fat first, before burning sugar, one can get a higher performing body when it comes to athletics.

One long distance running actually tried this. He used intermittent fasting and a change in diet to train his body to burn fats more efficiently. He claims it helped his running performance.

You can read his story on This Is Insider here:

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