//Shaun T says be selfish to be fit

Shaun T says be selfish to be fit

How did ShaunT, the fitness guru who has sold over $1 billion worth of fitness videos, make it to workout super stardom from poverty so profound he sometimes went hungry as a child? He put his health priorities first. Basically he was selfish and he advises you to be selfish also.  Shaun says that he has seen people spend so much time and energy doing for others, be it children, spouse or friends, that there is no energy left for even a 25 minute per day workout.  “Selfishness gets a bad rap” says Shaun.

Shaun knows how important it is to be consistent in working out and in eating healthy. His freshman year in college he gained fifty pounds and had to really show dedication to eating right and exercising in order to get those extra pounds off. Even after ShaunT lost the 50 pounds, there was stubborn fat that didn’t shrink away.  ShaunT did not have the option back then of zapping the fat away with a Sculpsure laser. Shaun became a fitness guru instead, spending over four hours per day working out or teaching fitness classes.  He loved it so much he made a career out of it.  If you’ve already got a career and do not have four hours per day to spend in the gym that is okay. At Women First we can zap your stubborn fat away with Sculpsure non-invasive laser treatments.  Book your Sculpsure consultation online today.

If you are at the very beginning of your weight loss journey it might not yet be time for Sculpsure because you are not at the “stubborn fat” phase but at the “lose the regular fat” phase.  With discipline and stick-to-it-ness you will succeed. It is exactly that type of consistency and motivation with which Women First helps patients in our Weight Loss Program.  Sign up for your Weight Loss Program consultation appointment today and start your own journey towards a fitter you.

Listen to more of Shaun’s fitness success story on All Things Considered on NPR.

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