//Why should you care about body confidence?

Why should you care about body confidence?

How deeply does body confidence (how you think about your body and your attitude about your body image) influence physiological phenomenon in your body such as heart health, muscle growth rate and metabolism. On the BBC5 radio show Fit and Fearless body confidence activist Michelle Elman talks about how one’s thinking about one’s body actually influences how one’s body performs. Also a guest on the show is overweight model Felicity Hayward. She discusses what role body confidence played in her getting into he modeling industry even though she is far above the average weight of most fashion models.

Perhaps a shot of body confidence would help speed up your body’s performance as you strive for your fitness goals. Schedule a consultation here at Women First to discuss whether Laser Lipo is right for you. Because maybe taking off weight up front will boost your body confidence in ways that will boost your body’s performance. Or schedule a consultation appointment for Sculpsure. Perhaps combining Sculpsure treatments with your current fitness regime will increase the speed of results in a way that will boost your body confidence, thus boosting your body’s performance. A positive feedback loop like that might be just what you need.

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