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NFL player spends $300K yearly on body

Footballer James Harrison from the New England Patriots makes his living with his body. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he spends $300,000 per year on treatments and procedures claiming to enhance athletic performance.

Those treatments include:

  • acupuncture
  • dry needling
  • 3 different modalities of massage
  • cupping
  • chiropracty from two different chiropractors

Some of the procedures look downright painful.

Acupuncture time

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But when you’re a rich but aging NFL player who wants to stay in the game and keep receiving those fat paychecks, a little pain may hardly seem like a sacrifice.

If Harrison had to fly around the nation to visit the offices of all the people performing procedures on him, he would hardly have time to train. Instead he flies the people working on his body to his location in Southern California, paying for their airfare and hotel stay. That’s part of the reason Harrison’s “self care” budget is $300,000 per year.

Most people do not have $300,000 per year available to them to fly specialists out to where they live to work on their bodies. If most people had those types of resources the United States would not be in an obesity epidemic right now.

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Read the full story about James Harrison’s various body treatments at The Insider:

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