Rise in cancers caused by weight.

Tobacoo use is quickly being surpassed by extra pounds as the lead cause of new cancer diagnosis in the United Kingdom. Just seven years ago 5.5% of cancer cases in the United Kingdom were caused by excess weight. In 2017 that percentage had increased to 6.3%. During that same time period the percentage of U.K. cancer cases related to tobacco use went down.
In the overall, tobacco use is still the leading cause of preventable cancer in the United Kingdom with being overweight coming in second. Third is UV exposure from sunlight or tanning beds.

Cancer Research UK is the group that conducted the study. Cancer Research UK found that while the rate preventable cancer has gone down the U.K. in the overall, the rate of preventable cancer attributable to being overweight or obese has gone up.

The overall cancer rate dropping is, according to Cancer Research UK, attributable to the effectiveness of government advertising campaigns warning citizens about the dangers of tobacco use. Cancer Research UK would like to see the same level of outreach and education on the part of government to educate people about the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise.

The thing is, the United Kingdom government can tell its citizens day and night that eating healthy and getting regular exercise will decrease the chances of getting cancer and it won’t make a bit of difference. Most people already know that eating healthy and getting regular exercise is good for the body in all kinds of ways. What they don’t know is how to develop habits of healthy nutrition and healthy eating.

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Learn more about the Cancer UK study by watching the BBC video in the player below.

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