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Why Us?

Benefits of Medically Managed Weight Loss

At Women First Weight Loss and Smart-Lipo Center, we make losing weight an attainable goal through three core values: Education, Encouragement, and Accountability.

We provide patients with the educational resources needed to lose weight safely. We provide encouragement along the journey to a new you, and we continue to customize your plan as you lose weight. We provide accountability for our patients by meeting with them every week to go over their weight loss goals.

There are clear advantages to achieving your weight loss through a qualified physcian. Our non-surgical, one-on-one, physician-directed program offers startegies unavaelable through commercial weight loss programs. Only a medical doctor can customize a plan based on your unique metabolism, hormonal issues, medications and other physical weight loss concerns. Many of the associated medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol will require careful monitoring and medication adjustment during the weight loss transition time. We work in close collaboration with your other physicians. Often medications can be decreased or even discountinued after weight loss! All these changes will be communicated to your primary care physician.

We will work together with you for fast, safe, affordable and lasting weight loss.

Our Philosphy

Overweight individuals should expect health care that is safe and fits their lifestyle. Treament should recognize and respect their individual physcial, social, spirtual, psychological and economice needs. Obesity is a chronic disese which requires a lifelong treatment plan. It deserves the same level of attention that other chronic medical considiton, like diabetes or hypertension, receive. It is not simply a result of "weakness" or "lack of will power" on the part of the patient.