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20% off Pellevé for Mother’s Day 2018

Every wrinkle
On Mom’s face
Tells of a life
Lived with grace
Keep the grace
Ditch the wrinkles

Don’t give mom another overcrowded, assembly line brunch. Don’t give her another bottle of perfume that, even if she loves it, will run out. Don’t give her another item of clothing she’ll never wear. Give her back the thing having you took away. A face full of vitality. The stresses and joys of having and raising you left mom with laugh lines as well as worry lines. Now you have the power to give Mom back some of her youthful glow with Pellevé permanent wrinkle remover.

Without surgery and without needles, Pellevé stimulates collagen below the skin’s surface using radio frequency waves. Lack of collagen is what causes wrinkles. The radio frequency waves are delivered through a wand applied to Mom’s face. The session takes about 30 minutes and three sessions are advised for optimum results. Mom will lie back on a table and get what feels like a tingling massage. What feels like a tingling massage will translate to what looks like decades removed in the mirror. Pellevé will work for Mom the way expensive over-the-counter creams never could. Burning away the surface layer of skin cells does nothing to stimulate the collagen under the skin, the lack of which is causing the furrows that we call wrinkles. Even expensive skin creams with collagen in them don’t work because they don’t penetrate to beneath the surface of the skin where the collagen is needed. Collagen supplements do indeed deliver collagen to the body, but that collagen is not guaranteed to wind up where it is needed in the face.

Mom will really appreciate this gift because it actually works to get rid of facial wrinkles. You’ll notice her new confidence.

This offer is only good until Mother’s Day 2018 which is May 13th. Call to order your gift certificate over the phone with your credit card. We’ll email the lovely certificate to you and you can print it out and put it in the card you give to Mom for Mother’s Day.

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