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Liquid nitrogen facials are a thing

The newest fad in anti-aging skin treatments is using liquid nitrogen as a facial treatment. The modality is called a cryogenic treatment. Liquid nitrogen, which can reach temperatures of -200 f, is used to freeze the skin of the face and neck.

What the treatment promises to do is stimulate collagen production and immediately reduce fine lines. There is absolutely no peer reviewed scientific journal in which there is any study backing up the claims that liquid nitrogen facial providers make. None. zip. zero.

Here is what the treatment may do. It may instantly freeze the most surface skin cells on your face to death. When the technician wipes away that layer of frozen-to-death skin cells you may indeed have smoother, softer skin when the new cells underneath are exposed. Fine lines may temporarily look reduced as blood rushes to the surface of the face to warm the skin that is being attacked by extreme cold and the face puffs a little in response to the blood rush.

It may also feel quite pleasurable and relaxing. But the claims of collagen stimulation are hokem . Collagen production goes on below the skin’s surface where liquid nitrogen purveyors do not even claim that liquid nitrogen penetrates.

Before trying any new beauty spa treatment you should check out the web page of the manufacture of the machine that is used for the treatment.

Here at Women First the Pellevé machine used to permanently get rid of wrinkles is made by Cynosure. On the Cynosure website one can read the clinical studies used to determine the effectiveness of Pellevé. If you go to the manufacture’s website and you can’t even read the scientific study that was used to determine the effectiveness of the treatment, it is either because there was none or the study is so shady or poorly done that the manufacturers do not want people reading it.

Pellevé delivers radio frequency waves to the face through a wand applied painlessly to the skin. During the Pellevé treatment you’ll actually feel the radio frequency waves penetration below the skin’s surface in a similar way to how one can feel sound waves penetrating beneath the surface of the skin when one stands next to a speaker playing rock music. The radio frequency waves vibrate the cells beneath the surface of the skin and in response to these vibrations the cells produce collagen. The studies are not even 100 percent certain why radio frequency waves have this effect, only that the effect is measurable in the form of collagen production.

Don’t go for fads that are not scientifically proven and, in some cases may even cause harm. For aesthetic treatments that actually work at getting rid of wrinkles, visit a licensed physician here at Women First using a scientifically proven wrinkle removal method. Call today for you Pellevé appointment.

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