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Not all home remedies are good for YOUR skin

You just saw a Youtube video with a home remedy facial mask that looks easy and affordable to create in your own kitchen. The person on the video is telling the audience that her home remedy skincare regime has left her face looking younger with fewer visible fine lines and a more even tone after just two months of daily use. You’re eager to try it. Why not, you have the ingredients right there in your refrigerator and cupboards.

Hold on just a moment. Not all home remedies are good for your skin. This is not to say that the individuals touting home remedy wrinkle removers, home remedy facial masks and other home remedy skin care concoctions are lying to you. Their creations may indeed be working for them. But there are a few questions that you have to ask yourself before you try the same concoction expecting to get the same results.

Is the evangelist the same age as you or is your skin ten or more years older, giving the sun an entire decade to do to your face what it has not yet done to the home remedy promoter’s face?

Does the evangelist have the same level of melanin as you?

Is the evangelist telling you the entire story? If the person promoting the home remedy started doing home remedy as part of an overall lifestyle reboot which included drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, dumping that toxic relationship, regularly engaging in destressing practices and completely changing nutritional intake, then of course the person’s face looks better. But the home remedy facial or mask may be playing a much smaller role in those better looks than others would be lead to believe.

Do you have allergies or sensitivities to some of the ingredients in the home remedy that the evangelist does not have.

A mild rash due to sensitivities could be the best of the outcomes of home remedies gone wrong. The best way to get younger facial skin with fewer wrinkles is to use a clinically tested, FDA approved, doctor administered procedure like Pellevé from Women First. Pellevé painlessly sends radio frequency waves beneath the skin to stimulate the growth of collagen, the lack of which causes the facial skin to fall down into the collagen gaps, causing wrinkles. If you are serious about having fewer wrinkles on your face, call the Women First office to book your Pellevé appointment today.

While home remedies may or may not work on you, the videos promoting them are fun to watch for the audience and can be quite lucrative for he producer. Here is a story of a woman making her entire living making home remedy videos.

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