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The World Of Male Grooming

Male grooming is really taking off among Arab men. A BBC Radio report took a look at Egyptian men and their male grooming regimes. In Egypt’s private medspa practices about 70 percent of the patients are men. They come in with big bellies and curvy bodies and they want to walk out with broad shoulders and six pack abs.

It used to be that derision and calls of being too vain would meet men who spent too long in the bathroom mirror. Today things have changed. The worldwide market for male grooming products and services has reached up to 20 billion dollars annually. The countries where the male grooming industry is growing the fastest are Brazil, South Korean, China and the United States. In those countries for the last five years growth has been over twenty percent per year.

It’s not just relaxing surface treatments that men are embracing. Cosmetic surgeries for men have hit fever pitch in wealthy enclaves like Silicone Valley. San Francisco dermatologist Seth Materaso says “Often times it is not A-typical for someone to come in and say ‘Gee, I want to be able to compete with the younger generation’. A little bit of BOTOX. A little bit of dermafiller. Maybe a light laser where there is no downtime. All to iron out or soften wrinkles”. Seth says patients have to be A) realistic and B) true to themselves. “You do, what bothers you. Truthfully, what I’m going to offer you is not going to get you the job. It’s not going to reverse ten years. I’m going to make you look a little bit better. I’m going to make you look a little bit more relaxed.”

Is there a man in your life that you’ve noticed is spending a little bit more time looking in the mirror lately. Maybe he is shy or self conscious about bringing up a desire to have some “work done”. In this new day and age, it is not inappropriate to purchase gift certificates for aesthetic treatments for men. In fact, secretly they may want the treatments but feel “funny” about buying them for themselves.

At Women First we offer Pellevé gift certificates as well as gift certificates for our other aesthetic treatments. Pellevé reduces wrinkles without needles and without knives and with no downtime. Call Women First today to purchase a Pellevé gift certificate for the man or men in your life. Buy a Pellevé gift certificate before Memorial Day and save 15% off the cost of treatment.

See more videos about the male grooming trend happening all over the world :

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