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Baby goats join new Pilates class on Wiltshire farm

Getting started on an exercise regime can be easy right after the holidays when you’ve made your New Year’s resolution and paid big money to join that fancy new gym that just opened.

It is sticking with that exercise regime over the long haul that can be quite a challenge. It is sometimes necessary to re-motivate yourself by changing your normal exercise routine. That can mean changing exercise modalities. That can me changing the location in which you exercise. That can also mean changing exercise partners. Or it can mean doing something completely and utterly different.

Here is an example of a unique and fun exercise regime that Women First is sure are completely different than anything most of you reading this have previously tried.


Yes, it is a pilates class where cute braying kids are right there in the classroom as the participants try to follow the pilates instructor. The goats lick the participants, the goats climb on the participant’s backs. The goats chew on the participants clothing. In this pilates class participants never really know what is going to happen. And that is what keeps it interesting.

Perhaps you live in an urban environment where finding a goat pilates class would be next to impossible. But you still need some fresh motivation to continue to being consistent in your fitness regime. The best type of motivation is results. With SmartLipo Triplex Women First can offer you permanent fat removal with a minimally invasive procedure that has only three days of downtime. With your better sculpted body you’ll feel fresh motivation to continue being consistent about fitness. Call Women First today to make your SmartLipo Triplex consultation appointment.

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