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Woman’s Cancer Misdiagnosed As Obesity

Rebecca Hiles says she was misdiagnosed for years because of her weight. Hiles says she was body shamed and told that her weight was leading to her health problems. It turns out she had cancer. Hiles, age 28, says that as long as she can remember, physicians have responded to her medical complaints by telling her to lose weight.

Hiles says it was frightening to exist in a body that she thought was failing her and to have medical professionals who did not seem to take her seriously. Hiles says that ate age 17 she contracted a bad case of bronchitus which morphed into walking pneumonia. She got treatment for the respiratory infection but at age 20 she was still suffering from persistent coughing fits. By the end of it Hiles had repeatedly coughed up blood and she was actually sleeping in a shower running hot water so that the steam would soother her throat and lungs.

Hiles was given prescription after prescription, but her problems persisted. Things began to turn around for Hiles when she met a physician who looked past her weight and really dug in with test after test and measurement after measurement to get to the root of Hiles respiratory problem.

It ended up that all that time Hiles had been suffering with carcinoid cancer.
Two weeks after her diagnosis of cancer Hiles and surgery.

Hiles story is not uncommon. The truth United States society is prejudice against fat people. And physicians are not immune from this prejudice. The fat prejudice permeates other parts of life as well such as career advancement and rental prospects.

Society will eventually be more inclusive, but until that time, don’t let being overweight get in the way of you getting the healthcare and health treatment you need. Here at Women First OB/GYN you will find compassionate and caring staff no matter what your weight. Women First also offers a proven

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