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Laser Lipo

Get A Jumpstart On A New, Thinner You

Women First Weight Loss and Lipo Center offers The SmartLipo Triplex™ as an outpatient procedure. If you are looking for an effective fat reduction solution, SmartLipo is the procedure for you. SmartLipo is an advanced version of liposuction, melting the fat before suctioning it out of the body. It is a quick non-evasive procedure, with minimal to no downtime, with proven results.

Cynosure has developed the perfect machine for laser body sculpting: the SmartLipo Triplex. This ground-breaking technology allows Women First Weight Loss and Lipo Center to safely perform Lipo-Sculpture in the privacy of our office.  This technique is perfect for sculpting areas were diet and exercise does not create the desired result.

SmartLipo Triplex with little to no discomfort you are able to return to work in a day or two. It is perfect for areas that may have been treated with traditional liposuction in the past because it actually heats the skin and soft tissue from within resulting in better skin tightening.




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Treatment Areas

SmartLipo can work on most parts of the body where excess fat deposits can occur. Here are some of the most common targeted areas:

Arms: The upper arm area frequently begins to sag with age. Laser technology can give the appearance of a lift without the invasive surgery or scarring.

Male chest: The chest area can sag with age as well as accumulate fat deposits. The skin tightening benefits of SmartLipo can help tighten skin around the chest for men and effectively reduce protrusion due to fatty tissue.

Back: Back rolls, or bra rolls as they are often called, are tough to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. The thick skin associated with the back makes it a good area for SmartLipo.

Abdomen: SmartLipo is a safe alternative to traditional liposuction for a speedier recovery. The added skin tightening benefit also makes SmartLipo great for those with mild abdominal skin sagging that’s not quite significant enough to need a tummy tuck.

Waist: Love handles are notoriously difficult to remove by one’s own efforts. The waist area is greatly responsive to SmartLipo.

Inner thighs: Since the skin on the inner thighs is particularly thin and non-elastic, the tightening effect of SmartLipo can help the skin bounce back for a slim, smooth appearance.

Outer thighs: Excess weight gain in the outer thighs is particularly common in women, earning it the unflattering name of saddlebags. SmartLipo of the outer thighs can help reduce cellulite and slim the silhouette of the lower body while also improving the appearance of the buttocks.

With SmartLipo, Women First Weight Loss and Lipo Center has also been successful in treating other areas of the body such as the chin, neck, hips, buttocks, inner knees, calves, and ankles. During your free consultation with Dr. Margie Corney she will determine which areas can be treated on your body.

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