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You’ve tried crunches and squats but those abdomen love handles and sugar sacs on your thighs just are not reducing even though you can see your muscle toning underneath the fat. SculpSure is a non-surgical treatment for the reduction of stuck-on-fat in those areas and in places on the body such as the back, and the behind. SculpSure is administered in 25 minute sessions that are typically repeated for six to twelve weeks. Each 25 minute procedure can destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery (results may vary and are not guaranteed). Best of all, unlike invasive procedures, SculpSure has no recovery time. Patients walk away from their sessions and go on about their day. Take a look at what real patients are saying about SculpSure.

What real patients are saying about SculpSure

How can SculpSure offer PERMANENT fat removal?

SculpSure kills fat cells by zapping the cell walls with subcutaneous lasers that do not damage the surface skin. The lasers heat the cells, causing the liquid in the cell to expand until the cell wall breaks, at which point the cell dies. The dead fat cells are flushed out of the body with other waste over the course of about three months. Since the fat cells are dead and flushed, they do not return. The video below gives a visual overview of how SculpSure works.

How does SculpSure Work?

What to expect during a SculpSure session at Women First

The treatment will start with metal plates being applied to the treatment area on your body. The plates are cool so as to help you stay comfortable during the subcutaneous heating process. The plates are kept cool during the entire session. The special lasers are attached to the donut hole in the plates. While the lasers are heating the fat cells, the plates are cooling your skin. You’ll be monitored during the entire session to make sure you are comfortable. While it must be stated that each patient is different, many patients report feeling a deep warmth and/ or tingling sensation intermittently throughout the treatment. Most patients who feel this do not have any discomfort complaints about it. The video below gives a walkthrough of exactly what occurs when a patient has a session.

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Common questions about SculpSure

Am I a good candidate for SculpSure?

If there are fat pockets on your body that simply do not go away no matter how consistently you diet or exercise, you should definitely telephone Women First and make a consultation appointment for SculpSure. Remember, Dr. Margie Corney offers a suite of weight loss and fat removal services. Call for a consultation today with Dr. Margie because even if you are not an appropriate candidate for SculpSure, Women First has a fat removal and/or weight loss solution specifically for you.

How many treatments will I need?

Dr. Margie Corney will talk to you about your problem areas and what body look you are attempting to achieve. After listening to you during the consultation, Dr. Corney will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan to meet the body look you desire. Every patient is different and Dr. Margie takes your differences into account.

How long will the fat stay off?

Dead fat cells are just that, dead. They get flushed out with bodily waste and do not return.

How long before I can resume normal activities?

The SculpSure procedure does not have a recovery time. Once your 25 minutes sessions are over you leave the Women First office and go on about your normal day.

What is the difference between fat loss and weight loss?

In most people, the fat cell count in the body is constant just like, say, the number of hair follicles on your body is constant though the hair may grow faster or slower in different areas of the body. Diet and exercise do not cause any change in the number of fat cells. What diet and exercise do is cause the existing fat cells to decrease in size, thus causing weight loss. But even when fat cells shrink to their smallest size, they are still there. And in some areas of the body, the problem areas, these compact fat cells clump together in an unattractive way. SculpSure actually kills fat cells. Once dead the cells are flushed out of the body with other bodily waste, never to regenerate.

If you’re interested in having SculpSure for stubborn fat, please contact Women First Weight Loss and Lipo Center to make an appointment with Dr. Margie Corney.

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