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Fake Nurse At AZ Medspa Gets Busted Giving Injections

When it comes to bodysculpting, it is so important to do your research before you undergo any procedure. That includes researching the medical professional who is supposed to be administering the procedure.

Recently in Scottsdale, Arizona a local television news station revealed that an imposter was falsely using an actual doctor’s medical license. The imposter was conducting body sculpting injections on patients who had, obviously, not done their research.

Check out this video from the local news story.

So what can you do to make sure that your bodysculpting procedure, be it Sculpsure or SmartLipo Triplex for permanent fat removal or even Cellulaze permanent cellulite removal?

Here at Women First OB/GYN if you are getting a SculpSure treatment, we have no problem giving you the phone number of three patients who have received Sculpsure at Women First OB/GYN. If the medical professional won’t give you at least three references of patients who have had the exact same procedure that you plan on getting, pick another professional.

And be picky about the references depending on the procedure. SculpSure is non-invasive and zaps fat cells under the surface of the skin, so the amount of melanin in the skin has no bearing on the results. But that is not the case with dermapeels and other surface skin treatments such as laser hair removal or tattoo removal. So be sure to ask the professional for references of past patients with the same melanin level and who are the same decade in age as you, depending on the procedure you plan to get.

Here at Women First OB/GYN our licensed physicians and our medical technician staff administer SculpSure permanent fat removal procedures. All are highly trained and we can provide their certifications upon request. For whatever procedure you’re considering, ask the clinic if the doctor whose name is on the clinic administers the procedure of if it is administered by technicians. If it is administered by technicians ask to see the certification of the specific technician and ask if a physician will be on site supervising during your procedure.

Check your state website to see if there have been any complaints or judgements filed against the medical professional who you are considering having do your procedure. If you look up Women First OB/GYN on the State Of Virginia website, you’ll see we have a clean slate.

It’s a shame that there are scam artists out there but that is just the world we live in today. But rest assured, when you’re ready to get bodysculpting for permanent fat removal, you’ll find competent, professional and caring staff for your SculpSure or SmartLipo Triplex procedure. Call today to make your permanent fat removal consultation appointment.

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