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Women First beauty podcast list of 2018

When you want the scoop on the best way to fight wrinkles and other signs of aging, magazines and blogs are not your only source of knowledge. Podcasts on beauty are being produced at a rapid rate. Here are three podcasts on beauty that the staff here at Women First have listened to and would recommend.

This episode explores the science, if there is any, behind beauty products and procedures. The guest is cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski, author of the non-ficture cosmetics chronicle “It’s okay to have lead in your lipstick”. The second guest is Dr. Elizabeth Hall Findlay. She discussed cosmetic surgery tourism.

Dr. Perry Romanowski isn’t just a guest on The Beauty Brains, the cosmetic chemist is the actually host of the show with Dr. Randy Scheuller. Together they explain the ins and outs of all the science that goes into any type of beauty product you could think of. Here’s an episode where they answer a question about whether a woman should use a beauty cream made from her own blood.

Michelle Siman wants to live a more healthful life, and she wants to help you do so as well. Each week on Lemon Water she interviews women, from nutritionists chefs to yoga studio owners. She gives listeners insights on what it takes to live a healthful life.

If you are looking for a chemical free, natural way to get rid of wrinkles, talk to Women First about Pellevé. Without irritating peels or injections of harsh chemicals, Pellevé gets rid of wrinkles by building up the collagen used for the connective tissue upholding the skin. It’s all done with radio frequency waves and it is a simple outpatient procedure. Call today for your Pellevé consultation appointment.

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